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Experts in installing hardwood flooring with over 24 years experience.
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Hardwood Flooring – What We Do

We specialise in engineered plank floors: parquet (herringbone), chevron, boarded with brass inlays, bespoke featured in fills, and panels.

Important considerations prior to installing your hardwood floor.

  • Make sure the flooring is stored in a dry, enclosed area.
  • The area where the flooring is to be installed must be between 15 °C – 21 °C and the humidity level is between 45-65%(rh) with a protimeter.
  • If the subfloor is concrete or cement based screed, it must be below 4% moisture with a Tramex moisture metre.


All heating methods in the home or office (central heating, air conditioning or underfloor heating) should be operating for at least 7 days preceding the installation to promote the correct acclimatisation. Under floor heating must be turned off prior to the installation, then gradually turned back on 1 °C per day.

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Underfloor heating and engineered wood floors

  • The MAXIMUM floor temperature can never go above 27 °C
  • Always get written confirmation from the underfloor heating provider that the temperature WILL NOT exceed 27 °C in any area.
  • A wall mounted thermostat should be installed in all rooms where hardwood floors are installed, with a wire floor probe from the wall unit directly onto the underfloor heated floor, this will give you a true measurement of the heat beneath the floor.

To get reliable information about the environmental conditions, a Fidbox can be installed, to do this you will need to router out the underside of a plank or block so that the Fidbox is flushed with the underside of the floor. This measures from below the floor temperature and humidity, fluxuation in the floor construction, and the subfloor. The saved data can be read wirelessly at any time from the Fidbox, without us removing any of the flooring. A Fidbox should be installed in any room over 50 square meter.

Looking after your new hardwood floor

  • Use felt pads on chairs and table legs, which can be sharp and scratch your floor.
  • An entrance mat will help reduce damage from small stones and grit.
  • Rooms that get direct sunlight, may require blinds or shutters to protect the floor from the sun, which can bleach the floor and change the colour.
Approved Contractors

We are a contractor for John Lewis, Tedd Todd, Porcelanosa and we work for a number of other high quality Property Developers in Cheshire. Browse our galleries to see examples of our work.

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Areas We Cover

For over 24 years, our work has taken us all throughout England and beyond.

Due to demand we are now working exclusively in the Northwest Of England including; Cheshire, Warrington, Manchester, Wirral, North Wales, Lancashire and Merseyside.

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